Winter Sale 2020 – K-Base Adapters

K- Base Adapters

Vision Metering offers K-Base Adapters designed to convert K- Base installations to Socket Type of Meters. The socket does not de-rate the system.

The Adapters have current transformers installed in the base. The buss bars are made of 98% or better copper and float in the base to allow for any misalignment of the meter socket buss bars, providing an easy install.

All three adapters are manufactured to the highest standards and continually provide accuracy better than 0.15%. The internal CT's are encapsulated in the polycarbonate housing and are rated to provide linear accuracy throughout the entire currant range.


  • 200:5 CT's have a rating factor of 3.0
  • 400: 5 CT's have a rating factor of 1.5
  • CT's Burden Tested at B 0.1
  • Overall Height: 7"
  • Adapter extends from the K7 Socket 2"
  • Adapter and Vision XT Meter extends 7" from the socket
  • Weight: 6lbs
  • Rated Voltage: 120-480 Volts
  • CT's Shorting method: LED'S and Diacs
  • Available with or without test adapters ground points

Available Options:

  • 2k to 3s: in 200:5 or 400:5
  • 12k to 5s: in 200:5 or 400:5
  • 16k to 9s: 200:5 or 400: 5

All CTs are Serialized, Tested and Validated to +/-0.3% accuracy or better. Labels in the Adapter show the accuracy certificates.

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