Vision Metering recognizes the importance of supporting our products by having state of the art engineering and standards labs.

Vision Metering has invested heavily in equipment for both Engineering and Standards Labs. The Engineering Lab boasts several intricate machines designed to test Vision Metering’s products under various conditions, including but not limited to environmental extremes and RF frequencies. The lab is also able to tune RF circuitry. Environmental tests include temperature extremes, humidity, salt spray, and even voltage and current surge testing, which simulates lightning strikes. RF Frequency testing includes not only isolating the product to measure the RF frequencies being emitted, but also subjecting the product to high RF frequencies to ensure the product can withstand those conditions and function properly in the field. Every product leaving Vision Metering’s doors must pass the rigorous tests established by the engineering lab.

The Standards Lab serves two different but equally important purposes. First...

As the name suggests, the first is to test and certify standards. Vision Metering tests all of its standards, including every standard placed in a VESTA test board against its RS-703A. The RS-703A is certified by Radian Research once per year to ensure every standard at Vision Metering is accurate. In addition to testing every standard used in its facilities once per day, Vision Metering is also able to offer calibration and certification services as well.

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The second purpose of the Standards Lab is to recondition voltage and current transformers.

The lab is equipped with Knopp Voltage and Current Transformer Testing Systems. Our experts use these systems to test and serialize each new CT going into our K-Base adapters. They are also used to ensure every reconditioned transformer that leaves our premises falls within the correct range and is accompanied by a test tag. Should a transformer not pass any one of the multiple tests, it is immediately recycled, per Vision’s strict environmentally friendly procedures..

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