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Vision Metering's full line of polycarbonate covers are constructed of UV Stabilized, High molecular weight engineered thermoplastics that have exceptionally high impact strength over a wide temperature range.

250% Stronger Than Glass!

In impact test, the covers resist breakage at very low temperatures and are shown to be over 250% stronger than glass. Humidity changes have little or no effect on dimensional stability. Even exposure to boiling water does not significantly change dimensions after returning to room temperature.

We Have Replacement Covers for:

  • Landis+Gyr S4 Family
  • Elster Alpha Family
  • GE KV Family
  • Itron Centron & Landus+Gyr Focus (extra low profile)
  • GE I-70S, & GE I-210
  • ABB/Elster AB1
  • And Many other manufactures.

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