Vision Metering Introduces 4G LTE Equipped Smart Meter

Vision Metering Announces the Release of Their 4G LTE Modem Meter

YORK, SOUTH CAROLINA – Nov 20th, 2015 – Vision Metering, partnered with Verizon Wireless, has developed a 4G LTE modem meter for use in the private and public utility markets. Vision’s new meter, aptly named Evolution LTE, is an enhanced version of Vision’s popular 3G modem meter that is currently being produced for thousands of customers. The new meter will be available in early 2016 and will have a revolutionary impact on the world of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) which currently depends on high-cost, bulky infrastructure. The Evolution LTE meter utilizes Verizon’s existing cellular network and eliminates the utility’s obligation to purchase system-specific infrastructure, which adds significance cost and maintenance.

Communications between the modem-equipped meter and utility are efficient and reliable. Vision’s new modem meter utilizes a powerful Ublox modem chip controlled by a Linux Operating System. Once a meter is installed, communications through the Evolution LTE modem can be accomplished using Vision’s proprietary EndSight software or a developer’s kit can be provided to allow existing head end software to communicate with the meter. Vision has also included the TIM for Itron’s MV-90 and Primestone’s PrimeRead system.

The 4G LTE modem is installed on a fully-loaded Vision XT meter, which gives the utility unlimited access to a wide array of readings, 2-way commands, and premium analytics all for no extra cost. Vision XT meters come with 12 channels of Load Profile, TOU, Reactive Metering, Net Metering, Demand, and true Voltage and Current readings. Unlike other meter manufacturers, there is no additional charge for these added functionalities. The Evolution LTE meter is available in all forms and has an optional 200 Amp switch available in 2S and 12S meters for remote disconnect capabilities.

Utilities now have access to a fully-loaded Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system with no additional infrastructure or installation fees. With an Evolution LTE meter the only incurred costs are a minimal monthly data usage fee from Verizon and the cost of the meter. This innovative solution for the electric utility market is yet another product from Vision Metering intended to empower the customer by giving them access to information at an affordable price.

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