Vision LTE Cat M1 Modem Meter

Featuring LTE Cat M1 Modem

Vision Metering is proud to introduce a low cost solution for using the public wireless systems to meter residential, commercial and industrial customers. The LTE Cat M1 modem is data only making it significantly less expensive than 4G LTE modems. It is the perfect choice for Machine to Machine (M2M) communications.

Cat M1 modems cost about 50% less to produce versus the 4G LTE modem, thus reducing the cost of a typical meter equipped with a modem. Data rates are also decreasing and are less for Cat M1 versus 4G LTE since it does not stream video or audio.

Cat M1 is currently available on Verizon nationwide. It was developed to achieve longer transmission distances and reduce the overall costs. Since it is strictly data, one antenna is used to transmit and receive. This makes the data rate slower than a typical 3G or 4G The Cat M1 Modem Meter uses the XT-UL meter platform with UL listings coming soon for 2S, 12S & 16S meters. This is the same meter platform currently being used on the 3G and 4G modem meters..