Vesta Test Board Goes Live

Vesta Test Board Goes Live in Vision Shop

vesta boards in action

YORK, SOUTH CAROLINA – July 7th, 2016 – Vision Metering, LLC, has officially implemented its Vesta test board into the Vision Metering production process. The Vesta board tests meters accurately and efficiently using a true three-phase standard and up to 50 AMPs of current.

Vesta uses multiple processors operating in unison to provide high speed, accurate results. The software’s open API allows the end user to easily integrate Vesta into their existing systems. The goal is for customers to design new applications which can be distributed to other customers for enhanced flexibility and functionality.

Vesta’s innovative design includes a touchscreen and micro desktop computer, which eliminates the need for a keyboard, mouse and computer tower on your testing bench. Vision’s newly designed optical probe allows meter testing and programming of the meter without changing the optical probe. A handheld scanner is also included in the test board package.

“I told my engineers to think outside of the box, and what they came up with was this innovative, affordable new test board. Sometimes starting from scratch yields the best results.”

– Randy Austin, Owner


Vesta’s combination of tried and true testing procedures with innovative design and packaging make it the most accurate and affordable test board on the market. Production units will be available this summer. Please contact Vision Metering for additional information.

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