AVX Capacitors – 2.5 F, 5 Volt, Electrolitic Capacitor (Super Caps)

AVX Capacitors

We purchase advanced electronic components in bulk for our many engineering projects and occasionally we have an overstock. This high quality super capacitor from AVX / Kyocera is now available below wholesale!

It is a new series of electrochemical, double-layer, series-connected Super Capacitors that
offer excellent pulse power handling characteristics based on the combination of very high
capacitance and very low ESR. Used by themselves or in conjunction with primary or secondary
batteries, they provide extended back up time, longer battery life, and provide instantaneous power
pulses as needed. Offers great solutions to hold up, energy harvesting, pulse power applications,
and battery replacement.

Quantity Available: 70,000

Price: $1.55 / ea.

(Please note that all surplus items are sold as is and have no warranty.)

Contact Sales at (803) 628-0035 to Purchase