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City of Mountain View, MO Completes LoRaWAN® Project with Vision Meters and Software

Vision Metering is pleased to announce the completion of the Electric Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project that used LoRa® at the City of Mountain View, MO. The City installed a LoRaWAN® system with an infrastructure costing less than $8200 and reading all the meters in their City. The meters were installed by Advanced Metering Services.

The LoRa® signal is capable of achieving distances up to 20 miles. The City of Mountain View is getting 15 minute reads from every meter which includes KWh Delivered & Received, KVARh, KVAR, Volts and Amps on all three phases, Power Factor, Meter Temperature along with RSSI and SNR. The system also provides Load Profile.

The Vision EndSight Cloud-Based software is providing the network and data collection engine to manage the data on Amazon Web Server (AWS). The system is operating at near 100%. According to Josh Ennis the City’s Electrical Superintendent:

We bought a future proof system that we could afford and gives us more than we expected.

Josh Ennis - Electrical Superintendent

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