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City of Mountain View, MO Complets LoRaWAN Project with Vision Meters and Software

Vision Metering is pleased to announce the completion of the Electric LoRa AMI project at the City of Mountain View, MO. The City installed a LoRaWAN system with an infrastructure costing less than $8200 and reading all the meters in their City. The meters were installed by Advanced Metering Services.

LoRa is capable of achieving distances up to 20 miles. The City of Mountain View is getting 15 minute reads from every meter which includes KWh Delivered & Received, KVARh, KVAR, Volts and Amps on all three phases, Power Factor, Meter Temperature along with RSSI and SNR. The system also provides Load Profile.

The Vision EndSight Cloud-Based software is providing the network and data collection engine to manage the data on Amazon Web Server (AWS). The system is operating at near 100%. According to Josh Ennis the City’s Electrical Superintendent:

We bought a future proof system that we could afford and gives us more than we expected.

Josh Ennis - Electrical Superintendent

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