A Message From Our Founder

“Everything we do is focused on serving the needs of our customers. It is the reason for our success.”

Randy Austin, President

Twenty-eight years ago, almost to the day, I started Austin International, Inc now Vision Metering, LLC out of a bedroom in my house. After a few months I moved to a small office/warehouse in downtown Belmont and Debbie Ruth joined as my partner. The Company struggled at first but with the help of Georgia Power a clear direction was established and we were on our way.

The Company became profitable in its first 6 months and has grown significantly over the years. Many people have come and gone and all have left their footprint somewhere in the Company. Today, the team at Vision Metering has exceeded my wildest expectations and we are at the pinnacle of our achievements. I am proud of our team and our accomplishments.

Vision grew from a single office into a company with over 150 employees

Our line of Vision Meters has matured nicely and can rival any meter manufacturer’s offerings. The communication choices available afford utilities many options to communicate with our meters remotely. Not the least of which is our LoRa® Radios, currently achieving distance in excess of 14 miles.

VESTA is the future of meter testing and uses an all-touch screen

The Vesta Test Board we developed is now functioning in two of our meter labs and we will have 70 boards installed by the end of June. These test boards are drastically reducing our test time by as much as 50% in some cases, thus allowing us to increase the throughput in both new meter production and re manufacturing meters.

We have always been a green company, recycling equipment that would otherwise end up in a landfill and more recently with our 813 KW of solar panels at our manufacturing facility. The objective of Vision Metering has always been to save the customer money by offering products and services at a reasonable price and great delivery. We appreciate you and thank you for allowing us to serve your needs.