MeterSpan Monopole

MeterSpan Smart-Grid Monopole

The MeterSpan Smart-Grid Monopole is the ideal solution for installing smart grid technology in geographic locations that are not currently supported by surrounding infrastructure. It can be customized with various mounting and attachment plates to meet your specific requirements and its entirely external design gives flexibility for adding additional equipment to support future technologies.


The 100’ MeterSpan Smart-Grid Monopole is designed and built in accordance with ASCE 7-10: Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures.

Design Loads

  • Ultimate Wind Speed: 115 mph (3-second gust)
  • Structure Category: II
  • Importance Factor: 1.0
  • Exposure Category: C
  • Tank Wind Pressures Calculated in Accordance with ASCE 7-10, 29.5 “Design Wind Load - Other Structures”


Structural Streel

  • Steel Plate: ASTM A36, Fy=36 KSI
  • Hollow Structural Sections: ASTM A500-Gr. B, Fy=42 KSI


  • Bolts: 3/4”Ø, ASTM A-325, fully tensioned bolts
  • Nuts: 3/4”Ø, ASTM A563 heavy-hex nuts
  • Washers: 3/4”Ø, ASTM F436 flat washers


  • All welding in accordance with AWS D1.1-2020 Structural Welding Code
  • E70XX Electrodes are used for welded shop and field connections
  • All welds are 1/4” Fillet Welds (U.N.O.)


  • All structural steel and fasteners are hot-dipped galvanized


The intent of the embedded monopole design is to auger drill into existing, undisturbed soil to 18 feet. The embedded section of the monopole is plumbed and back-filled with tamped gravel placed in one foot lifts.

Assumed Soil Characteristics

  • Minimum Soil Bearing Capacity: 1500 PSF
  • E70XX Electrodes are used for welded shop and field connections
  • Minimum Lateral Bearing Capacity: 100 PSF
For differing soil types and ground characteristics, other foundation methods may be needed.

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