News Regarding Gas Meters

Vision Metering’s Refurbished Gas Meter Program

Vision Metering offers a wide range of meter repair services designed to meet every repair scenario. Our repair services include the following standard service levels: Test & Condemn, Level I, Level II, Level III and Level IV repairs. As always, custom programs are available to meet repair specifications that fall outside these standard programs

Test & Condemn

Vision Metering will receive in-test and condemn meter. Customer will be provided with data file in utility specified format including meter serial number, company id
number, meter type, in-test result and index reading. Vision Metering will handle proper disposal of meter.

Level I Repair

Vision Metering will receive in-test, prep, paint and leak test meter. No adjustments to be performed provided in-test meets customer specifications. Data file to be provided in utility specified format.

Level II Repair

Level II repairs include Level I repair criteria as well as adjusting meter to customer specifications. Data file will include in-test and out-test data as well as previous data

Level III Repair

Level III repairs include Level II repair criteria as well as an above the top plate repair. Repair includes new screws, top gaskets, hand-hole gasket,index cover, axle box assembly, and tangent post bushing. Valve surfaces are ground and stuffing box is lubricated.

Level IV Repair

Level IV repairs include Level III repair criteria as well as below the top plate repairs. Repair includes new lower case gaskets and case screws, lubrication of diaphragm connection pins and lubrication of flag rod bearings. Visual inspection and leak test of diaphragm is performed.