Some of the Nation’s Largest Utilities Depend on Vision Metering for their Meter Shop Services. We offer:

Vision Metering is known for tracking meters and capturing meter data with our Power Track Data Collection System. All meters flowing through the Gas Shop are bar coded upon receipt and tracked throughout the process. Bar coding can be done to customer specifications or provide a format that is standard within the industry.

When meters are shipped back to the Utility, AS LEFT calibration data is emailed to the customer and maintained on our system for five years. All Provers are networked together through a wireless network with data maintained on Dell Servers. Data is backed up daily on external hard drives and maintained offsite.

Vision Metering provides the following services; other services are available upon request.

Gas meters are received into the Power Track System, tested on our certified provers and scrapped. AS FOUND data is provided to the customer in their specific data file format. Vision Metering is responsible for scrapping the meter. Refurbish & Calibrate Gas Meters are received into the Power Track System, bar coded, cleaned, calibrated, painted and a final bar code label affixed to the meter. Meters are packaged for shipment back to the customer. All Snap Seals, Cups and Gaskets are included.

All gas meters equipped with Itron ERT’s are checked and verified against the meter’s index. If the ERT is in agreement with the index, no adjustment is made with an option code set in the data file to indicate that the ERT was checked. If the ERT does not agree with the index, Vision Metering either resets both the ERT and index to zero or resets the ERT to match the index.

Gas meters equipped with Itron ERTs that have a battery usage of greater than ten years are replaced with Xeno Energy batteries. Leads from the battery connecting to the ERT are soldered and shrink tubing installed over the soldered connector. Potting compound similar to that provided from the factory is placed around the battery in the ERT enclosure.

The addition of Temperature Compensation to a meter can be provided for an additional fee per meter plus the cost of the TC module.

Index replacement (2 lb. or TC) can be provided for an additional fee, plus the cost of the index.

New meter badges available upon request.

Meters undergo their final inspection in the Boxing area. Each meter is checked to ensure that every meter is without defects and registers are set to “0”.

Meters ready for shipping are packaged per customer specification. Each meter is scanned to flag the database that the meter is leaving the meter shop and is eligible to be added to the data file.

Pallets are stacked carefully and stabilized with shrink wrap to ensure safe delivery.

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Vision Metering began providing meter testing services over 26 years ago. Since then, we have grown to become the largest meter testing facility in the US.

Gas meter repairs are a critical component of utilities managing their capital and OEM investments.

Manpower reductions and OEM budget shrinkages can lead to many utilities throwing away perfectly good meters due to lack of resources to perform testing and repairs. Vision Metering specializes in developing a program to meet utility goals in order to provide a quality meter at a price that works with the utility’s budget.

OEM lead times continue to grow longer everyday for new meter purchases. Vision Metering can help bridge the gap and stretch your new meter budget at the same time with re-manufactured gas meters. We can provide both diaphragm and rotary meters at significant savings and a fraction of the lead time of a new meter.

As existing AMR systems begin to age, legacy radio devices will require battery replacement to continue to operate properly. Vision Metering offers an affordable solution with our ERT battery Replacement program that allows utilities to greatly extend the useful life of existing assets.

Our highly trained workforce is standing by to help with any meter testing needs from a few hundred meters to tens of thousands. Contact us today and let us develop a custom tailored testing program that meets all of YOUR testing needs.

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