The LT Platform offers a low cost option for kWh only metering applications. It is ideal for basic, one-way metering installations.

Available in ANSI Form 1S & 3S


SpecsDisplay OptionsCommunications

• Available in ANSI Form 1S & 2S
• Available for 120 or 240 Volts
• Displays Kwh, Instantaneous Demand, Volts & Amps
• 15 Year Battery Available (Option)
• Class 100 or 200
• ERC and FCC/NTC Approved
• Programmable and Resettable only with 20/20 Version 2.7 Software
• Manufactured in the Philippines and the USA


Energy Delivered
KWh Delivered Total
Instantaneous Demand

No communications options are available in the Vision LT meter

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