VESTA’s design is revolutionary! It uses a combination of pulses, volts & amps from a true three phase standard to achieve the most accu- rate test results. The total package is truly unique in all aspects of its design.

VESTA uses multiple processors operating in concert to provide high speed testing, high accuracy and easy to use. Meters can be processed much faster than legacy test boards because of the touch screen and internal speed.

VESTA’s software is an open design with an API provided to customers (with executed NDA) allowing them to easily interface
VESTA into existing systems. The goal is for customers to design new applications which can be distributed to other customers for enhanced flexibility. All AEP bar codes are already loaded into the database and can be easily modified.

Utilities with a high concentration of Itron CentronTM meters now have the ability to test meters without adjusting an arm. This flip down sensor al- lows for quicker testing for both singlephase and polyphase meters. There is also an arm for the Sensus meters. The arm is removable with a pin and an RJ45X jack.


• True 3 Phase 100 Amp Test System
• Internal 3 Phase Standard
• Accuracy+/- 0.025% from .01 to 100 Amps @ Unity and all phase angles
• Voltage and Current accuracy is 0.1% true RMS
• Test voltages from 5 to 600 volts
• Power Factor Angle test from 0 – 359.9
• All meter forms can be tested
• Will test internal disconnect switches
• LED Touch screen interface (no mouse or keyboard needed but included)
• Dimensions: 31” L X 19” D X 19” High
• 150 pounds total weight
• 100 to 250 VAC operation 50/60 Hz
• Maximum of 450 VA load
• Less than .04 THD for voltage & current
• Internal Windows 10 computer
• Bar Code Scanner included
• Type AB Audio Amplifiers for voltage and current provides minimal distortion.

The heart of Vesta is its true 3-Phase 100 Amp stan- dard, which also has a voltage and current output. The combination of pulses, volts and amps provides a dual reference for accuracy. The voltage and current amplifiers are Type AB Audio amplifiers, which provide distortion-free sine waves.

There are no current ranging relays in Vesta because the standard has a continuous range of 0 to 100 amps. This eliminates the need for current relays and another possible point of failure.

The jaw system is truly unique compared to those used by our competitors. The jaws are motor driven and very quiet. Other manufacturers use coils which make a loud noise when opening and closing.

Everything in Vesta is controllable and programmable. All timers used for settling with electronic meters are variable to minimize testing time.

The optical probe can be used to test the meter and communicate with the meter via the manufacturers software. Programming Vesta to test a meter and then reset registers can be accomplished without changing the probe or moving the pulse pick up arm. With elec- tronic meters, there is no need for a pulse pick up arm.

It’s less expensive to purchase 20 Vesta Boards than to purchase a 20 position Time Run Board.

Testing is very easy with VESTA. The system is easy to navigate from screen to screen. All AEP codes are in the database. When scanning the meter’s barcode, all testing parameters and meter information will be dis- played on the screen, including the meters wiring diagram.

When a test is started all buttons are grayed out and inoperable except the “Abort” button. VESTA is also capable of performing load curve analysis up to 50 amps in 0.1 amp increments.

The VESTA board also allows customers to test internal disconnect switches. The user has the ability to open and close the switch using the VESTA software. This operation can be performed on all manufacturer’s meters and is a valuable tool for all utilities utilizing AMI meters.

When a test is running, the volts and amps buttons display the actual volt- age and current being provided to the meter. A status bar provides the user with a visual indication of test status.

VESTA has an internal Vision 3 Phase Standard tested and certified against Vision’s Radian 703A. The standard provides real time voltage and current to the processor and is accurate to.025%. It can be calibrated with an external standard or removed and tested against a Radian 703A.