A Low Cost Optical Probe Designed for Heavy Field and Shop Use

The Sentry 950 is the next generation of a successful line of Sentry Handhelds for the shop and field. Previous Sentry Handhelds were only capable of reading ITRON Standard 8 digit SCM ERT™’ messages. The Sentry 950 is vastly improved and can read the 8 Digit ERT’s, the new ITRON 10 digit SCM+ , IDM, Cellnet and Vision’s Data on Demand. It automatically displays any radio it is reading.

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The Sentry 950 will read the following devices:
Itron ERT or L+G Airpoint™ 8 digit SCM message
Itron ERT 10 digit SCM+ message
Cellnet modules
Vision’s Data on Demand

With a touch screen and key pad the Sentry 950 provides for two methods of command input. There is a 12 button keyboard allowing for manual entry of notes and meter readings. It can capture and store thousands of readings which can be downloaded through the mini USB port directly to a computer using the Sentry 950 Software package. Or alternatively all information can be displayed on the screen.

Unlike its predecessor, the Sentry 950 uses a rechargeable Lithium ION battery which will last more than 9 hours of continuous use. The mini USB port is used for recharging the battery and downloading of stored information. Like the previous versions there are 4 colors of covers to suit anyone’s liking.

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