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Vision Metering offers the best remanufactured and reconditioned electric meters in the business. Our test boards are set every day to a 703A Radian Standard installed in our plant and is directly traceable to NIST. More than 100,000 Used, “AS IS” and new meters move through our three meter shops every month. We have highly skilled testers at every station and supervisors with more than 25 years of experience. We check and double-check every meter to ensure accuracy.

Meter testing data is presented with every electric meter in the application specified by the Utility. We seamlessly integrate test data into Utility databases. Our on-site software engineers direct the flow of test information to Utilities to ensure clear, concise reporting of test data. Vision Metering the meters you need at the price you want.

Refurbished Network Meters

Itron Centron 12S, 120V, Class 200

Itron Centron Type C1SR, Form 12S, 120V, Class 200

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