A Low Cost Optical Probe Designed for Heavy Field and Shop Use

Vision Metering has a long reputation of developing products for use in our facility and then making it available to our customers at a competitive price. We have once again done this with our new Sentry 410 & 420 Optical Probes.

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P/N Cable Length
Sentry 410-6 6’ cable
Sentry 410-9 9’ cable

There are more than 100 probes in use throughout Vision’s manufacturing and testing facilities. With the use and abuse of these probes, it was necessary for Vision to develop a more robust and practical optical probe.

The Sentry 410-6 & 410-9 are more ergonomically friendly and fit the hand better than most competitor’s models. All electronics are contained in the head of the optical probe. The Sentry 410-6 has a 6’ cable and the Sentry 410-9 has a 9’ cable. The cable has a molded strain relief at each end and maintains flexibility from -50 to +100 °C.  It conforms to ANSI C12.18 Protocol Specification for Type 2 Optical Ports.

Great attention to detail was spent on the probe’s cable. It is designed for heavy use, flexing, and general abuse. The strain relief on each end of the probe is molded into the cable to ensure long life.

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