Vision K-Base Adapters are designed to convert K-Based installations to Socket Type Meters. Like its K-
Based meter predecessor, the adapter has current transformers installed in the base. The buss bars are made of 98% or better copper and float in the base to allow for any misalignment of the meter socket buss bars, thus providing an easy install.

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The Current Transformers are metering accuracy and have ratings of 200:5, 300:5 and 400:5. The CTs housed in the adapter are electronically shorted when a meter is not present and provide LED indicators for each CT to show that they are shorted. All CTs are serialized, tested and validated to +/- 0.3% accuracy or better. Labels in the adapter shows the accuracy certificates.

SpecsPart Numbers

• 200:5 CTs have a rating factor of 3.0
• 400:5 CTs have a rating factor of 1.5
• CTs Burden Tested at B 0.1
• Overall Height: bottom of buss bars to top of the shell is 7”
• Adapter extends from the K7 Socket 2”
• Adapter and Vision XT Meter extends 7” from the socket
• Weight 6 Lbs
• Rated Voltage 120 – 480 Volts
• CT shorting method is LEDs and Diacs
• Available with or without test adapter ground points
• Shell is made of UV stabilized polycarbonate
• CT housing made of fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate
• Utilizes standard sealing ring for locking meter to adapter

Part Number — Description
AD-VM-16K-9S-200 — 16K to 9S with 200:5 CTs
AD-VM-16K-9S-400 — 16K to 9S with 400:5 CTs
AD-VM-12K-5S-200 — 12K to 5S with 200:5 CTs
AD-VM-12K-5S-400 — 12K to 5S with 400:5 CTs
AD-VM-2K-3S-200 — 2K to 3S with 200:5 CTs
AD-VM-2K-3S-400 — 2K to 3S with 400:5 CTs

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