Vision Metering works with a variety of partners to provide several different communications options for the Vision meter.  Whether you are looking for meters with ERTs, under-the-glass cell modems, or advanced AMI capabilities… Vision Metering has you covered.  See options below and Contact Us to find the best solution for your specific needs.  See our different Vision meter platforms here.

Nexgrid – AMI
Vision Metering has partnered with Nexgrid to provide a robust multi-mesh AMI solution.  The meter can be can be supplied with a remote disconnect switch (XT platform only) and magnetically shieled CT’s.  Nexgrid systems utilizing Vision meters have been deployed around the United States.  Read about City of Concord, NC
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Silver Spring Networks – AMI    

The Silver Spring Communications Module integrates inside Vision Metering’s electricity meters to provide wireless networking, both back to utility OT/IT systems and into the customer’s home or business. The Communications Module includes a highly reliable, IEEE 802.15.4g standards-based Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) radio that provides two-way networking capability.
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Vision Evolution LTE (Verizon Wireless)
In order to offer an under-the-glass modem Vision Metering has partnered with Verizon Wireless to develop the Vision Evolution LTE meter. The Evolution modem utilizes a Ublox modem chip controlled by a Linux Operating System. The standard 4G modem board has optional RS 485, Ethernet and ZigBee. The modem operates in Band 4 and 13. The modem is mounted to the Vision XT meter PCB and can be installed in all meter forms. An optional 200 amp switch is available in Form 2S and 12S meters. The meter/modem combination is also available as a UL listed device.
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ERT Transmissions
(Optional) with SCM and IDM Capability (Up to 5 ERTs)
Vision meters can be ordered with up to 5 High Power ERT radios.

Radio with Data on Demand
Vision Metering’s Data On Demand system provides real time energy consumption values using a robust 900MHz RF star network. Each endpoint is metered using a Vision meter equipped with Data On Demand radio and communicates directly with a RadioGate. The RadioGate collects the data and delivers it to the EndSight data collection system on the end-user’s network.
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Vision Metering – Hawkeye – Elevated Metering System
HAWKEYE by Vision Metering  provides a complete AMI solution which combines performance with affordability. HawkEye is read and controlled from EndSight, a control system which provides switching capabilities of each meter and is packed with many advanced features including Prepaid Metering.
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